Effective September 19, 2016, Mottville Township is no longer using the State of Michigan.  Please feel free to contact the new officials.

Randy Schmeling,         Building Official

Cell: 269-625-3260

Email: rschmeling1@hotmail.com

10884 Harder Rd

Three Rivers, Mi. 49093

Ron Bellaire,                 Electrical Inspector

Cell: 269-501-1340

Officer: 269-663-3429

Email: ronb700@aol.com

66751 Conrad Rd

Edwardsburg, Mi. 49112

John Dobberteen, Plumbing/Mechanical

Cell: 269-625-7648

Office: 269-651-4567

Fax: 269-503-7354

Email: dobberteeninc@gmail.com

400 S. Monroe St.

Sturgis, Mi. 49091


Please be advised that as the building official, they are only able to assist you in completing the application process. They are not able to assist in creating any of the plans for your project.