Baby Grave Space

Resident $150
Non-Resident $250

Single Grave Space

Resident $200
Non-Resident $450

Cremation Grave Space

Resident $250
Non-Resident $450

Baby Interment (Opening)

Resident and Non-Resident (Mon-Sat) $150
Resident and Non-Resident (Sun) $400

Single Interment

Resident and Non-Resident (Mon-Sat) $300
Resident and Non-Resident (Sun) $600

Cremains Interment

Resident and Non-Resident (Mon-Sat) $200
Resident and Non-Resident (Sun) $400

*No Holiday Interments

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Disinterment (Removal)

Baby Disinterment (Removal) Resident and Non Resident $350
Single Disinterment (Removal) Resident and Non Resident $500
Cremains Disinterment (Removal) Resident and Non Resident $250

*No Saturday, Sunday or Holiday Disinterment

Any grave space purchased by a government agency on behalf of the deceased or the deceased’s family will be a grave site specified by Mottville Township. Decendent must be a Mottville Township resident.

All foundation work will be done by the Township and for pricing contact Township Sexton. All foundations will be 2 feet longer than the headstone to allow placement of urns on gravesite.

Fees established and revised as needed by the Mottville Township Board.



The Purpose of the rules and regulations contained herein are the result of much study and investigation of the overall problems which have resulted over the past years within the Mottville Township Cemetery.  They are not intended to restrain lot owners of interment rights, but to protect and preserve the cemetery and the community.  Your cooperation and adherence to these rules will assist us to create and preserve the simplicity, safety and ease of upkeep of the Mottville Township Cemetery.



All headstones shall be of granite or similar acceptable material and shall be furnished by a legitimate monument company.  Any exception to this rule would have to be approved by the Township Board and would require detailed plans of proposed exception.


All headstones or other permanent memorial markers must be placed on a footing.  All arrangements for footings are to be made with the sexton and costs to be paid by the party requesting the footing.  The marker will be placed by the sexton, Monument Company or a designated employee of Mottville Township.


NO plantings of any kind are allowed in the ground.  All plantings have to be in urns.


Urns are to be placed on each side of the headstone or marker on concrete pads.  Any urn not planted for 2 years will be removed.


NO glass containers shall be permitted on graves.


NO fencing of any kind shall be permitted.  Nothing is allowed around the base of the headstone or marker, example:   decorative rock, mulch or similar substance.


All decorations must be removed from graves EXCEPT for saddles or properly placed urns by April 1 of each year and may not be replaced until May 15 to allow time for spring cleanup.  Also decorations shall be removed EXCEPT for saddles and properly placed urns by September 15 and may not be replaced until November 1 to allow time for fall cleanup.


Keep in mind when placing decorations on a grave, if it requires the sexton to stop and remove it before going on with mowing or trimming, the object in question will be removed by the sexton.  Keep all urns and decorations on the left and right side of the headstone and as close to the headstone as possible.


No shepherd hooks, bird feeders, bird baths or other ornaments are allowed on graves.


Please use the trash receptacles that are provided.


The cemetery is open dawn until dusk.






Any plantings or decorations not in compliance with the above rules, or any other rule violations found in the Mottville Township Cemetery Rules will be removed without notice.  It is the lot owner’s responsibility to understand and comply with the rules.  Contact the Mottville Township Hall 269-483-2120 to obtain a copy of the rules.



The repair and maintenance of damaged or broken headstones shall be at the discretion of the sexton and/or Township Board when owners cannot be notified.


The cremated remains of two members of the same family may be interred in a single grave, if requested, with a single headstone.  The burial must be done thru the sexton so the information on the interment can be recorded for future reference.


All unused graves can be sold back to the Township for purchase price and are not to be resold to a third party.


Interments will not be permitted until payments for burial has been received.


Interments or disinterments during the winter months when the ground is frozen will incur charges in accordance with the difficulty of the work.


No disinterment of a body will be made until the written consent of the next of kin of the person whose body is to be disinterred and all other legal documentation has been submitted.



It is the lot owner’s responsibility to make sure that his or her lot is in compliance with the current rules of the Mottville Township Cemetery.


The above rules may not be all-inclusive and may be subject to review, revision, amendments, additions or deletions at the discretion of the Mottville Township Board.